Saturday, March 27, 2004

Bob The Builder

We’ve got one whole wall done in the kitchen with the tongue and groove. I thought putting laminate flooring down last summer was hard but this doesn’t half take it out of you, even if I did only spend about 4 hours on it today. I’ll crack on again with it tomorrow and see if I can do another wall, although the other 3 walls have got obstacles in the way so there’s going to be a lot of cutting out to be done and there will probably be some swearing and downing of tools while I find something to kick.

We’ve been and got supplies ......... tiger beer, vodka, gin and cointreau. We love cointreau with lemonade, it like drinking pop and doesn’t seem to result in a hangover in the morning.

Our Ghost Ship dvd threw a wobbly half way through when we tried it last night, so we took it back to the shop today. We got that exchanged and also rented In America and Love Actually to watch tonight instead of the rubbish on TV.


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