Friday, March 19, 2004

Thank crunchie it's Friday!

This week has really dragged on and on. We've been out and bought loads more stuff for the wedding, Debbie's going to try her hand at making a head band which will make it more special than if we just bought one 'off the shelf'. We've got a few more bit's and pieces to decorate the tables with, think we're going to need a stock take soon to keep track of what we've got and what we still need to get We'll have to get the bar booked this weekend, that would be a disaster if there were no drinks flowing!

The weather prospects don't look too good for the weekend, doesn't matter too much as we're going to be working on the kitchen again and hopefully get a good proportion of it finished.

Misty and Toddy woke us at 6am this morning as usual, which is great, the only problem is, there is no snooze control and we can't switch them off at the weekend! We gave the cats some catnip drops earlier in the week, didn't have any effect on Todd who is always dashing about like he's on something, but Misty was rolling on his back spaced out . . . I'm thinking we should try some

Zippy's not been out much this week, we open the cage door for him most nights and he comes out if he wants to, when he's ready for bed, he pulls the cage door shut and then one of us locks it, just in case he fancies and midnight stroll!

Lucy's been good all week, she's not touched the tongue and groove that we put up last weekend, we half expected it to be chewed when we got home. She does try and get in the rabbit hutch when we're feeding Bungie, one of these days we'll leave Lucy in the hutch and take Bungie inside

Not sure what we're having for tea tonight, the last few Friday's we've had Chinese but we had a take-away on Wednesday so we might give it miss tonight and cook something . . . then again we might not One things for sure, we'll be having a glass of wine/beer or three and relaxing after a very long week.

P.S. Were addicted to Yeti Sports at the moment

Paul & Debbie

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