Monday, March 15, 2004

We've had a busy weekend for a change Saturday we were out shopping in the morning and then had a chilled afternoon ..... our get up and go had gone again Sunday morning we got to work on the kitchen again, we managed to get most of one wall done and it realy is looking good! Sunday afternoon we took the kite out again in very blustery winds... Paul ended up on his arse for the first time The kite was realy pulling, it's good job we got the smaller one or we would have ended up being dragged into the lake

Here are some photos we took.....

Close up of the kite whizzing by!

Paul just before he ended up on his back side

We've added more photos as usual on our website and new this week is a message board .... not sure what for but we've got one anyway

Untill next time....

Paul & Debbie

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