Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Departmental Shuffle

Why is it that, in this country at least, if you need something sorting out that involves more than one department, you are guaranteed to be shuttled between all the departments for as long as is humanly possible. Take today, we have to take time off work to turn up for an appointment, only to have to wait an hour before we see anyone, if this was a normal commercial business, they wouldn't have any customers left. After counting carpet tiles for what seems like an eternity we get to see someone, only they haven't received the information they wrote for 3 months ago. Rather than get in touch with us to cancel the appointment while they chase this up, they thought it would be a laugh to have us waste 3 hours of our day as they think we might have miscounted the tiles last time. On top of that, they think the information may have arrived but it might be with the other department, who are 50 yards across the car park and only a phone call away but they didn't think of that until we pointed it out. So now, I imagine, or I hope, that they are trying to find the said information and discuss between the two departments before we turn up next month to count the ceiling tiles in the other building.

May the farce be with you . . . .


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