Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Walk Around Langset In The Snow

We never did see much in the way of the forecast snow on Friday and my frantic checking of the radar was starting to get to poor Debbie. She just told me to put the phone down and it'll be white over in the morning. Sure enough, against all odds, it was!

We'd had about half an inch of snow overnight and so after swimming, decided to go for a walk round Langset Reservoir. By the time we set off, almost all of the snow had melted at home but thankfully it was still holding on up in the Pennines.

We set of on our normal route but decided to do it in reverse, when we came to a parting of the paths, rather than battle through the muddy woods, we opted for a higher route. We didn't realise this would take us right on the top of Langset Moor!

It was absolutely freezing up there in the bleak wilderness, there wasn't a soul about, all we had for company were loads of grouse calling and fluttering into the air.

Trees In The Snow

A Walk Around A Snow Covered Langset

A Walk Around A Snow Covered Langset

A Walk Around A Snow Covered Langset

We were walking non stop for over two and half hours, Lucy's little legs were worn out. We thoroughly enjoyed it though, but not half as much as the hot cup of coffee when we got back to the car!

There's many more pictures from our Arctic expedition in our Flickr Snow Set.


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Jenny said...

Sounds like ya'll had a lovely walk! I think I would have frozen! lol!