Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eddie & Champagne

Here's Eddie and Champagne!

Eddie has been with us for a while but he was going bonkers in his cage all alone, so on New Years Eve along came his girlfriend Champagne. Now we've got two cockatiels going bonkers!

Eddie loves posing for the camera, always willing to strut his stuff for a flattering shot.

Eddie our cockatiel

Champagne has got bit more of a cheeky streak and as soon as the cage door is open, she's off!

Champagne our cockatiel

They're both getting on like a house on fire and driving poor old Lucy to distraction!

Eddie our cockatiel

Eddie is the more vocal of the the two and tends to sing quite a lot, truth be told, he never shuts up!

Champagne our cockatiel

Champagne is more playful, manoeuvring round the cage and playing with the toys while Eddie sits on his perch squawking away.

We really weren't sure about about getting Eddie a friend but we're so glad we did because they both seem to be enjoying life to the full, every morning they're perched side by side having had a good nights sleep.


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