Saturday, February 16, 2008

Worsborough Country Park - Feb 08

We've been out this afternoon for a walk round Worsborough Country Park, taking advantage of the wonderful winter sunshine. We had a hard frost this morning which was still hanging on in shaded areas.

I don't think it's that long since we last went but since then, a new bird hide has sprung up and a bridge we always used to cross seems to be suffering from an acute case of falling to bits.

Lucy had a ball usually and everything was calm and relaxed until we almost got home when Debbie announced that we were nearly home and Lucy threw up in the excitement. Luckily she was in her carry cage so wasn't too bad.. Until Debbie reversed the car in the drive, with me forgetting to belt the cage in and Lucy doing a dance, the cage did a 360 off the chair. Spent the next hour cleaning Lucy, the cage and the car!

Worsborough Country Park


Debbie 054

Canada Goose



Remember, clunk-click, every trip, or you'll end up covered in dog puke.


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Tony said...

looks like a great trip and walk