Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunsets, Frost, Birds & Earthquakes

It's been a busy week, it feels like it should be Friday but we're only on Thursday. Towards the end of last week we had some beautiful frosty mornings.

Frozen Heather

Frosty White Spruce

The sunsets have been amazing over the last week, night after night we've been treated to glorious reds and yellows illuminating the sky.

Garden Sunset

At the weekend we dropped into one of my old bird watching haunts, Carlton Marsh, while I faffed about with the bazooka lens, Debbie got a cracking picture of a Robin in the middle of a hedge.


From there we called into a newish nature reserve, a lake at Park Springs in Grimethopre near Barnsley. There was plenty there to snap away at but the miserable cold and wind soon took it's toll and we were off for a nice hot cuppa.

Swan & Tufted Ducks

Canada Goose & Coot

Mute Swan

The earthquake has taken it out of Debbie, getting up to see to Eddie and Champagne while I rolled over and fell asleep again. I must admit I never felt the earthquake, just Lucy vaulting off the bed at high speed. I don't think Debbie got back to sleep until after 4 in the morning.

We're just looking forward to the weekend now, time to chill, no earthquakes, no vaulting dogs and no hysterical cockatiels.


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