Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December Blues

Well, I worked my notice and finished my job Friday 28Th November....yikes.... Tears were flowing freely especially when I had to make a speech!

The Chief Executive has taken my number and says he will be ringing me to let me know if the business gets over the dark side of Christmas as they want me back!!

Saturday and Sunday seem to just fly by as usual, lovely walks with Lucy and Paul, I even managed to take me camera with me and got some cracking shot, Paul please put them on the computer.......

Monday morning came, I took Paul to work then returned home to scour the web for jobs, applied for another job but hey ho its through yet another agency so I have got another interview with them today.

I am going STIR CRAZY with all this time on my hands.

I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom then started on the living room and dining room, put some washing in then made corn beef hash, all the time willing the phone to ring with interview dates, nothing at all, then 3pm it all went hectic, now I have got three interviews tomorrow, one is looking very promising, fingers crossed.

I picked Paul up from work and set off home for some well earned chill time, Paul was over the moon with his evening meal and is looking forward to see what delights I muster up today.



Jennyta said...

Good luck with the interviews, Debbie. Fingers crossed. :)

Tony said...

I've been there and know what it feels like. Stay focused and positive and it will come right...

gemmak said...

Good luck with your interviews flower, knock em dead! :o)