Thursday, December 04, 2008

December Blues part II

Right here we go....

Interview no 1: Went really well, the chappie that interview me was from my neck of the wood, Lancashire! yippee, got really good vibes from this and it ain't through an agency. Will get to know by Friday if I am the lucky candidate.

Interview no 2: Again went really well, the lady was really nice and we seemed to get on, but they will be doing second interviews next week, got feedback from the agency and they were really impressed with me. Just received another call from the agency and they want me back for a second interview on Monday.

Interview no 3: Not so sure about this one, the accounts are in a mess and they don't class Credit Control as accounts but sales! I am a bit confuddled by this one.

By the time I had done everything yesterday and the phone had finally stopped ringing it was 7pm, hey ho, beans on toast for tea, mind you Paulie loved it.

This morning we have woken up to a blanket of SNOW, yes SNOW, the side roads were a nightmare and the mains roads were just as bad, I had to nip to the newsagents this morning, boy that was scary!

Then Paul insisted the car stay at home, so Hench yet another journey taking Paul to work, even more scary as more people on the roads, we had to wait a good twenty mins for Paul's boss to arrive to open up, I managed to park in a lay by and we watched all the other cars slip sliding all over the road.

I managed to get home OK, just took it steady even thought I had a pillock behind me trying all the way to get me to go faster, not a chance in hell, now it raining very hard at this rate the snow will have disappeared by lunch time.


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Jennyta said...

I'm sure you will get one of the jobs, Debbie. You're welcome to the snow! ;)