Saturday, December 13, 2008

December Blues part III

Great news on the interview below:

Interview no 1: Went really well, the chappie that interview me was from my neck of the wood, Lancashire! yippee, got really good vibes from this and it ain't through an agency. Will get to know by Friday if I am the lucky candidate.

I got the job...yippee....and I start on Monday. I am so chuffed its untrue.

Down side is I am full of cold and feel like shite, Wednesday started with the usual sore throat, Thursday was raw and Friday just full blown SNOT.....YUKKY... I felt that bad I even rang Paul and suggested he have the car for the afternoon, my temperature was off the scale, this morning I am sat in my PJ's and have no intentions of going anywhere plus me head feels like it has a pea for a brain and it keeps rattling.

Hopefully, I will have got rid of the lurgy and will feel fresh as a button on Monday...fingers crossed....

In the meantime, my fuzzy bunny is snow locating and if he is not careful his mobile will blow up soon!



Jennyta said...

Congratulations on getting the job, Debbie and I hope you will soon be better.

Tony said...

congrats... really pleased for you, had every confidence..