Thursday, November 06, 2008


Well, just when I thought life could not get any worse, I had a bump in my car on Tuesday evening!

Coming home from work (yes i have agreed to work my notice as my employer asked so nicely) the FOG and rain were a nightmare, I always come home on the country roads as the M1 is too busy, I was so careful and kept my speed down as did most of the other drivers I followed.

I was almost there another 3 mins and I would be picking Paulie up, going on to a duel carriage way me and the car in front were waiting to join, I looked his way and saw him set off then looked in the direction of the on coming traffic and set off only to find he had hesitated and STOPPED and my ickle car ran into the back of his!

Shaking like a leaf I managed to control my nerves while we swapped insurance details, he was very nice about it all and agreed to ring me later with policy numbers etc.

I rang my insurance company and they said someone would call me back the morning after, about 10.30 not hearing anything I rang and they sorted me out over the phone, the lady said she had rung me at home leaving a message on the answer machine, I gave her my mobile number for all future calls.

I am really chuffed with my insurance company and my ickle car is leaving home tomorrow to be mended and will return after a nice stay in the car hospital. I just wish the job hunting was this easy!

Arriving home on Tuesday evening was the final straw, still shaking like a leaf, we found the entire contents of the kitchen bin scattered across the floor and a white scruffy thing on four legs scampering past us to hide!

Just hoping that was number three and there are no more nasty surprises lurking round the corner!


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Jennyta said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, Debbie. Sounds like your insurance company was a lot more 'user friendly' than mine the other week!