Sunday, November 02, 2008


Yikes, I can not believe it, but I have just been made REDUNDANT, me really I am GOB SMACKED!! I feel like my heart has been ripped out!

Friday morning went into work as normal, big smile on me face as weekend is here and some chill time with me Paulie....yippee....then 11.30am comes the phone call from HELL!

Hello Debbie please can you attend the Board Meeting Room......YIKES....HEART POUNDING....I went and there is the Financial Director, Commercial Director and HR Manager all waiting for me.....We are sorry to tell you this but unfortunately we have to make you REDUNDANT, the company is running at a loss and we can not afford to employ you anymore!

Even though My Credit Manager and myself are doing an outstanding job collecting monies in, the construction industry is drying up and the bills have to be paid even if sales are down.

I sat and looked at all three of them and before I knew it the water works had started, each man shifted very uncomfortably in their chairs, they say that they might not be able to manage without me and if so will find a way to keep me on, so if this is the case they would have tried harder in the first place.

I have since Friday applied for 24 jobs online and sent out loads of emails to various companies to see if any have any vacancies for a REDUNDANT CREDIT CONTROLLER!!

So if anyone knows of a Credit Control position in the South Yorkshire area please let me know.



Jennyta said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so sorry. What an awful thing to happen. I really hope you will find a new job very soon. Good luck.

Tony said...

Oh no..... if it helps I've been made redundant twice and always found something better good luck on the job hunt..

Mo said...

As Tony says, something better will come along. Have been down this path as well. It will get better.

Just Me said...

That sounds traumatic. Almost like the way an American company would do it. You're young, you'll move on from here and find something better. Will have a look for you on the web.