Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Gosh, its a week since Christmas Eve and we aint stopped!!

Christmas day started with a brisk walk in the country side and ended with me slipping in the mud, hence a sore back for the duration of the holidays, would not mind but I had only just warned Paul about it seconds before hand.... Next came the cooking and boy was it a feast of all feasts, my sister and family arrived for 3pm, it was like a madhouse, but we enjoyed every min of it, then Paul's Dad and brother arrived and it all started again with the pressies and wrapping papaer!!

Boxing day was a blur of pain killers and me driving to Paul's family meal as usual, after the fab day before this was rather a let down!!

Since then we have been shopping, swimming, walking, drinking and eating, the diet starts again on New Years Day! Yikes!

Yesterday, we went over the big hil back to my roots of Lancashire, it was another top day and we never stopped laughing, Thanks Sis, your the best.x.

Today we have bought our Eddie (cockatiel) a new house mate call Champange, and they are both gazing at each other, not a chirp or whistle can be heard....

Well tonight is New Year Eve, the pork is roasing in the oven as I type and the stuffing will be done when I can get my backside off this sofa, Paul's Dad and brother are coming over to let in the New Year while we watch Jools Holland (as usual) with loads of celebs singing into the nite.....

So here goes, whatever you are doing or no matter were you are we wish everyone a Happy New Year.....


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Mr Snowman
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It's Christmas Eve and we're almost there, last shopping run out of the way this morning, just one more short trip out and then we can sit back and chill while we wait to see if the big guy in red calls here.

I've never known it to be so hard keeping up with everything, despite getting started with the preparations in early November. Next year, I think we'll get everything sorted in August so we can at least have a day off from the seasonal frenzy in December.

I doubt we'll get time to post during the mayhem of Christmas day so may we take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Paul & Debbie

Friday, December 21, 2007

Work's Out For Christmas!

Christmas Village
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Work is finished for this year!

We're home now chilling out on the sofa looking forward to a little less rushing about like nutters and a few glasses of Christmas spirit :-)


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Glass Wedding Anniversary

Snowbabies Polar Bear
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Last night we got back to a very chilly home, the central heating was on strike! We switched it off, switched in on, pressed all the buttons, called the help line but the only thing we found was that the warranty ran out last month!

The hot water was working so it appeared to be the sensor for the thermostat, I checked the manual and tried resetting. The manual said it could take up to half an hour but after 20 minutes we started panicking and decided to sign up for some cover.

Just as we confirmed the order for the cover over the phone, the heating sprang to life which is the best Wedding Anniversary present we could have had, removing the worry of a hefty call out charge this close to Christmas and sitting in the cold for another night.

Today is our third Wedding Anniversary, it's cold outside, but it's lovely and warm in here :-)


Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Bash Number Two

Peroni Beer
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We both went to my works Christmas bash on Friday night, didn't have too much to drink, Debbie had 4 whisky and cokes and I had two little Tiger beers and 3 of these new Peroni things.

Remembered why I'd stopped going on our works seasonal outing, it costs a bloody fortune! Debbie's Christmas parties have always been free.

We left the restaurant sober, however, when I got out of the taxi, I discovered I'd become legless during the journey home!

We had 6 hours solid shopping from the crack of dawn on Saturday before travelling south to see my Auntie.

On Sunday morning, we actually managed a sit down for a couple of hours and watched some of the TV that we've been recording over the last couple of weeks.

Then we were off again, to Dad's for dinner for the first time in years, probably the first time we've had Sunday dinner that Debbie hadn't cooked herself.

Got back home, crashed on the sofa and enjoyed a few drinks while we returned to catching up on the telly.

Finally it's the last week at work, roll on Friday!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lonely Cloud

Lonely Cloud
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Spotted this very small cloud floating off into the sunset yesterday and managed to snap it as it passed on by.

Debbie went on her inaugural works Christmas bash last night, I dropped off at an Indian restaurant and picked her up a few hours later at a pub down the road chuckling and giggling away.

The roads were treacherous, everywhere was white with frost and by this morning the temperature had dropped to -3.8c!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frosty This Morning

Frosty This Morning
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Real car scraping time today, temperature in our garden is only -2.2c and everything is white.

The fields looked beautiful on the way to work, hope we get chance one weekend to get some nice wintery scenes.

The camera on the 6120 isn't up to much in poor light, we would have to borrow the flood lights from Barnsley football club to get a decent picture at this time in a morning.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wish This Cold Would Flu Away!

Fire Place
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This cold is getting a little tiresome now, we've both had it for weeks and it's showing no sign of easing. It's no joke, there must be whole rain forests at risk with the number of tissues we're going through!

At least it's colder today, 0.5c at the moment. Maybe the pesky virus will freeze to death!


Monday, December 10, 2007

More Christmas Decorating

Garden Christmas Tree
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Had another busy day yesterday going here there and every where. Spent the afternoon putting up the tree in the garden and the new snowing effect lights on the roof. Just a few more lights to get and them we're done!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Shopping at Lakeside

Santa's Grotto
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Debbie couldn't sleep last night and decorated the tree in the early hours. It looks great, I'll have to snap a picture later.

We went out shopping this morning at Lakeside shopping village and when we got there we noticed a sale starting today at Next. An hour later we emerged, laden with two large bags full of bargains.

We called at a garden centre on the way home and got a white spruce to plant in the garden and a cut Christmas tree which we'll be putting up in the garden tomorrow.

Had enough time spare to put up some lights in the windows, still loads more to do though!


Friday, December 07, 2007

Thank Flippin Crunchie It's Friday

Debbie had a little less pain in her toe today but by the time we got to the supermarket tonight, the pain was kicking in again. It was a relief to get home and pour a drink.

Between us we've tried antiseptic cream, lemsips and various tablets, yet yer still can't beat a we dram of finest Bells scotch whisky to numb the pain :-)


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Effing Toe

Debbie has been in agony all day after cracking her toe on the side off the pool yesterday. After picking me up tonight, the air turned blue as we sped down the very bumpy road. Ooo effing bump, argh effing bump!

When Debbie had to use the clutch I had to close my ears as those words were not very lady like at all!

Swimming was out of the question and the poor Christmas tree is still stood naked in the corner.


Feeling Rough

We managed our Wednesday swim last night but Debbie kicked her toe as some numpty got in her way and I was suffering from man flu so we didn't get any further with the Christmas decorations.

Instead we watched on as Lucy tried in vain to get closer to a Plec in the fish tank which was strange as she's never bothered with the fish before. It was hilarious watching her bounce from once side of the sofa arm to the other, transfixed by the big brown fish scurrying about.

In other news, I actually managed to find a way of posting pictures from the mobile (see last post), using Shozu to get them to Flickr and then using their button to post to the blog. I just need to get the layout right so that the picture is above the text rather than floating on the right.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Decorations Are Out

Bare Christmas Tree
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We got the decorations down from the loft last night, only had time to unruffle a couple of branches on the tree though.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Stairs Are Carpeted

Finished carpeting the stairs last night, it would have been a whole lot easier if the staples didn't stick in the gun and we didn't have to open it up and nudge them down with a pair of scissors for every shot.

They look great though and now all the DIY is done for this year! Now we can start with the Christmas decorations!


Monday, December 03, 2007

Busy Times

No posts for a while, we've been busy over the last couple of weeks, new stairs, new mobiles, first snow of the season, new members at the local swimming pool and man-flu . . . again!

Just about got to grips with the new phone so there's no excuse for not posting a little bit more often, if only I could find a way posting pictures from my phone. Millions of kids upload mobile pictures every day, maybe I'm getting too old for this lark.