Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Glass Wedding Anniversary

Snowbabies Polar Bear
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Last night we got back to a very chilly home, the central heating was on strike! We switched it off, switched in on, pressed all the buttons, called the help line but the only thing we found was that the warranty ran out last month!

The hot water was working so it appeared to be the sensor for the thermostat, I checked the manual and tried resetting. The manual said it could take up to half an hour but after 20 minutes we started panicking and decided to sign up for some cover.

Just as we confirmed the order for the cover over the phone, the heating sprang to life which is the best Wedding Anniversary present we could have had, removing the worry of a hefty call out charge this close to Christmas and sitting in the cold for another night.

Today is our third Wedding Anniversary, it's cold outside, but it's lovely and warm in here :-)



girlmonday said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Tony said...

wonderful... happy anniversary!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh praise the Lord! We had to have ours replaced earlier in the year, major hassle, and that wasn't in the middle of winter!

Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations you two on your anniversary. Has it been three years already? It seems just yesterday i was reading of the two of you planning your wedding!

Hey Paul.. I have lots of snow pictures up on my blog and on my flickr site :)

gemmak said...

Jeez....it can't be 3 years already!!!! Hey, congratulations guys :o)