Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Gosh, its a week since Christmas Eve and we aint stopped!!

Christmas day started with a brisk walk in the country side and ended with me slipping in the mud, hence a sore back for the duration of the holidays, would not mind but I had only just warned Paul about it seconds before hand.... Next came the cooking and boy was it a feast of all feasts, my sister and family arrived for 3pm, it was like a madhouse, but we enjoyed every min of it, then Paul's Dad and brother arrived and it all started again with the pressies and wrapping papaer!!

Boxing day was a blur of pain killers and me driving to Paul's family meal as usual, after the fab day before this was rather a let down!!

Since then we have been shopping, swimming, walking, drinking and eating, the diet starts again on New Years Day! Yikes!

Yesterday, we went over the big hil back to my roots of Lancashire, it was another top day and we never stopped laughing, Thanks Sis, your the best.x.

Today we have bought our Eddie (cockatiel) a new house mate call Champange, and they are both gazing at each other, not a chirp or whistle can be heard....

Well tonight is New Year Eve, the pork is roasing in the oven as I type and the stuffing will be done when I can get my backside off this sofa, Paul's Dad and brother are coming over to let in the New Year while we watch Jools Holland (as usual) with loads of celebs singing into the nite.....

So here goes, whatever you are doing or no matter were you are we wish everyone a Happy New Year.....



Maribeth said...

Happy New Year to you both!!!

Tony said...

Happy New Year to you both... I wish you all the best for 2008