Monday, March 19, 2007

Robin Hoods Bay

It's been none stop all weekend, rushing home on Friday to watch Comic Relief, out all day at Robin Hoods Bay on Saturday, out shopping half the day on Sunday and then Dad and Bro came for dinner. A sit down, that's what we need!

We had a lovely day out at Robin Hoods Bay, the weather was great, it's hard to believe it started snowing here on Sunday night! We got loads of great shots, the best can be found here.



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Shannon said...

That first picture is lovely. What a view!

Just Me said...

Hey, I LOVE Robin Hood's Bay. Do you live near there? I've been there once or twice years ago when I travelled up that side of the coast. Lovely spot. Thanks for posting the pics (No what you mean - in your next post - about the amount of time all this takes!)