Friday, March 23, 2007

Mind Boggling

Finding time to write a post these days is quite a challenge...

Take our last entry, loading the pictures from the cameras, loading them into Picasa, selecting the best ones and exporting them to a smaller size, editing in Paint to put our blog address on, loading into Flickr, adding tags and descriptions, assigning them to sets and groups, grabbing the url of the ones we want to post, creating a new blogger post, adding the urls of the photos, type in the text, save, publish!

Five minutes break for a swig of coffee and a smokey, then check for comments on the blog, check for comments in Flickr, check the site stats, check MyBlogLog, check Technorati, fire up Google Reader and check everyone else's new posts and mark interesting posts as shared with a view to leaving a comment one day.

Another five minutes break and then check other news from the world wide web, see more references to sites like and Twitter, what's that all about, where do people get the time to send updates every minute of the day about what they're doing when we can hardly manage an update once a week!

Tell me, how on earth do you manage to fit all this in?



Barb said...

I totally hear you, Paul. That's why I don't even check my Bloglines anymore. It gets too overwhelmming. I try to read, 10 or 15 blogs a day, but I can't handle much more than that.

Also, I check coComment to see if there anyone posted any comments after I did. Unfortunately, they still haven't figured out a way to really make it work with Blogger. I think you need to use HaloScan.

christine said...

i don't check the half of it. I used to. Now I just blogbut all that flickring is very hard work

Jennyta said...

I don't - have only just posted after nearly 2 weeks of silence!

BryM said...

Jeez! I got tired just READING your post! ;-)

Susan said...

Sure it takes some time to seriously commit to the blog thingy. But its my entertainment, as I dont watch TV!
I loved the Photos from yesterday. Went to Flicker to see them all. What a gorgeous place! Another one to add to my lists of places to visit.
Thanks for sharing!