Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finding The Right Tree

It's been a busy weekend once again, we were out almost all day on Saturday, shopping for clothes and one or two Christmas presents, one of them for us, a laptop!

Just like when we first got the BT Home Hub, connecting the laptop to it wasn't plain sailing, it took about 6 hours and two calls to BT support but we got there in the end. Now we can both surf at the same time, so there no more handbags at dawn when one of wants to use the computer lol.

Today we've been touring garden centres and diy shops looking for a new Christmas tree, we hardly saw anything we liked and would you believe it, we came home with exactly the same tree that we bought last time. It was the only white tree that looked the part, we wern't going for something we didn't like just to get something different. We'll be putting the tree up next weekend along with the other decorations.

We've also got some new lights for the tree outside, I think that's going to look fantastic when it's done. Before we can get started, I'll have to go rooting about in the loft for all the tree decorations and all the lights that we'll be spending a week untangeling lol.

We've just collapsed on the sofa and we're starting to relax, shame it's almost chuffin Monday again!


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JustSue said...

Handbags at dawn.

Love it.