Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Shopping

We made a start on this years Christmas shopping over the weekend and I think everyone else in the area had the same idea. I'm glad we got to the retail park half an hour before the shops opened because after only 5 minutes there was almost an accident in the car park and a few minutes later two drivers almost came to blows!

With the bulk of the shopping out of the way now, there's just a few bits and pieces to pick up when we can find the time over the next couple of weeks. Next on the agenda is a new Christmas tree, the old one is looking a little bit weathered having being stored out side when we moved her last year. I'm not sure what we'll go for this year, Debbie would like another white one while I quite fancy going back to traditional green but we both quite like the idea of having a real tree this year.

We can't believe it's December on Friday, it's still so mild here, we'll be pumping those Christmas tunes out to get us into the festive mood while we have a few glasses of Christmas Spirit.


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