Monday, November 20, 2006

Party Time

After a night in watching Terry Wogan and Co. on Friday, we headed out for a 40th birthday party on Saturday. Debbie looked fantastic in her new outfit, the only problem is, her new trousers only just stayed up and I think we might be looking at another new wardrobe before Christmas!

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We had a great time at the party, most people had gone in Hollywood themed fancy dress and some of the costumers were great, one that stood out was Darth Vader (and it should have at £600 lol).

Debbie drove us there so stuck to soda water while I downed pints of John Smiths like it was going out of fashion, I paid the price later though when half of it came back up!

We're both having a think about what and how much we drink at the weekend, having lost all this weight, we just can't consume the number of tipples in an evening like we used to and not feel completely hung over in the morning.



Cheryl said...

Ya'll look great! I bet Darth Vader was cool!!!

dreaming-neko said...

belated bday wishes :)

Jennyta said...

Ah, that must be my problem then. I am so slim that I just can't tolerate more than a glass of wine any more! Cheers! :)

MarkMcL said...

I think they are related but different. As I understand it drinking regular alcohol prompts the body to increase production of an enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase) so you can drink more without feeling the effects.
Drinking less a) causes the enzyme production to fall so you feel worse and b) you lose weight because you are not consuming "empty" calories.

So they are correlated becauuse they have a common cause, NOT because one causes the other.

Barb said...

Again, congratulations on the weight loss! I've lost enough myself that I also need some new pants, at least! Money's tight right now, though, so maybe a new belt will have to do! LOL!