Friday, November 17, 2006

Blogger Labels

Since upgrading to Blogger Beta, I've been working my way though past posts adding labels to them, all 800 of the pesky blighters! The process is now complete, however, I think one or two might be in the wrong section, I'll just have to swap them over when I come across them.

It's been great looking back on topics like our wedding, our pets and of course, the snow! One thing this process has shown is that many of our posts waffle on about so many different things, they could do with all 20 labels, these I've marked as general, otherwise I'd be here for years trying to catch up!



JustSue said...

Just started adding labels to my entries yesterday - I think my difficulty will be limiting myself to general type labels...and not ending up with a list of 100 different ones.

Choak said...

i'm old-skool blogspot :)

no1typo said...

well that would explain why you suddenly seemed to have created 28 new entries in one day according to bloglines