Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cotton Wedding Anniversary

We were married two years ago yesterday!

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The adventure starts again for another year as we walk hand in hand into 2007!



JustSue said...

Wow! How the time has flown! Congrats to you both! Hope you celebrated in style!

Shannon said...

Wow, time has flown. Congratulations you guys!

Tony said...

Congrats to you both... its our tenth next year... each as i'm sure you find, it just get better and better

Yorkshire Soul said...

Our 10th tis year, Princess Di had the bad manners to die on our wedding day, it should ensure that I never forget our anniversary.

gemmak said...

OMG...is it really two years already, it can't be!

Congratulations you two :o)

Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

I'll say two years has just FLOWN by!