Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mystery Of The Peacock Inn

My Auntie and Uncle had organised a Christmas meal for the family for last weekend, sadly Grandma was unable to attend as she's not feeling too cleaver at the moment. I think that might have been a blessing though as a simple meal tunred into the magical mystery tour of Chesterfield.

We drove throught the Cutthope countryside and rolled into the Peacock Inn car park. We were imediatley surprised to find that the only three cars in the car park were ours! It's got quite a good reputation this place and was booked solid through Christmas and New Year.

The place was utterly deserted with piles of unopened post behind one of the glass doors yet some of beer pump type stuff could be heard through a single open window in the toilets. We spent a good few minutes scratching heads, this had been booked back in November and now we had to find somewhere else, not easy a week before Christmas.

We went up hills, down hills, round hairpin bends, to the middle of nowhere and back again. Pulling up at every pub and resteraunt on route only find there was no room at the inn, spooky!

We did find somewhere eventualy and we had the promised Christmas meal, just a little bit later than we'd planned lol.


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