Friday, August 04, 2006

Our New Big-Small Car

Last month the tax renewal form came through for our car and we both had to sit down when we saw the price! After forking out a small fortune for the tax, the service was due and that set us back a pretty penny as well. With that and the fuel bills being on the high side, we decided our Toyota Corolla T-Spot mean black sexy machine had to go. We've hardly been anywhere this summer because the cost of fuel to get anywhere near the coast would have been astronomical.

While the car was in for it's service, we looked into the possibility of swapping it for the all new Toyota Yaris D-4D. We didn't get everything sorted out initially, the shock of car depreciation took it's toll on us both and we went back the following day after checking out the facts and figures.

We finally did the deal and are now nipping about in a shiny new black Toyota Yaris. We've had a Yaris twice before but this one is a completely different car, it's bigger but looks more compact even though there is more room inside. It's lighter and more nimble to drive, parking is a dream now, the turning definitely circle seems to have been improved. It's diesel so the fuel economy is ace, we've only done very short journeys so far and we're already getting 40+ mpg, we were struggling to 20 mpg out of the old car.

I'm finding it a real boon to drive because I love small light cars that you can turn on a sixpence, Debbie's not so sure just yet but I remember when we first got a Yaris, it wasn't love at first drive. Once we've been on a few longer journeys and worked out how to handle a diesel engine, we'll be cool and Mrs Nigel Mansell will be back!



Jennyta said...

I've just done a similar thing for the same reasons, Paul - a Peugeot 106 in my case.

JustSue said...

Grats on the new automobile! It looks adorable...cute, reminds me of the "Smart Cars" they are marketting this side of the pond.

Happy motoring! Hope you make it to the seaside now before summer is over...and without having to mortgage your soul for a tank of petrol!