Monday, August 28, 2006

Holidays End

We’ve had a few more days rest from the garden to end our holiday, mostly due to the weather, we’ve got loads done though and it’s just going to be a case of doing a bit at a time now until all the tree branches are gone, then we can get on with building the new raised patio.

Later on Wednesday we got a phone call to say our new cameras were ready which was a surprise, we thought we’d be waiting at least a week.

On Thursday we went over to see Debbie’s Sister and did a bit of bargain shopping and a tasty pub lunch. It made a nice change not to be down on the farm which is where we usually end up.

We spent Friday afternoon at Derwent valley in the peaks trying out the new cameras. We got some good shots and we were out snapping again at Cannon Hall on Saturday.

The new cooker arrived on Saturday morning as promised, even though they brought the wrong one we are going to keep it as its even more nicer than the faulty one!

I love the Nikon D50 but it’s not at all what Debbie wants with changing the lens and not being able to take a picture using the LCD screen. Lugging a heavy SLR camera around is not Debbie’s idea of fun so we’ve been back to the shop and they’ve agreed to take her camera back, we should get that sorted out on Tuesday. I’ll be keeping mine, I really want to get into taking photos with the manual settings while Debbie just wants to point, click and move along!

Debbie’s currently deciding whether to go for something else or stick with her little Nikon Coolpix 3200 which still takes fantastic pictures but a bigger zoom would come in handy for those visits to the zoo and safari parks.

Here are a few of the shots we got over the last couple of days…


















JustSue said...

Love the photos - makes me realise how much I miss the English countryside. Thanks.

Jennyta said...

Point, click and shoot - I'm with Debbie on that one, Paul!

Jennifer said...

My MIL and FIL have an orange cat that looks just like that! Almost identical. His name is Pete :)