Thursday, August 03, 2006

Better The Devil You Know

It's taken some time and probably over a hundred attempts at getting anywhere with Talk Talk but yesterday we actually got our MAC code and were free leg it as fast as humanly possible!

We've had a few problems along the way with Talk Talk but the biggest problem has always been that you just cannot get through to speak to anyone at all which is unbelievably frustrating. Watching Susie on Big Brother doing battle with the phone system in the diary room the other day was a little bit like dejavu! Charlie boy at Talk Talk HQ can't have been too happy about it, given that they're the sponsor's of the show .... roflmfao!

Anyway, having managed to abandon a very overcrowded and listing ship, we've decided to set sail with BT Broadband once again, attracted by their new wireless home hub. It wasn't until we got right to the end of the order that we found out that they wanted more money for a wireless gadget to enable the PC to connect to the thing and yet more money for a phone to use the broadband telephone thingy. So long as it all works when it arrives in a couple of weeks, it'll be money well spent, if doesn't, we're going back to two plastic cups and a ball of string!


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gemmak said...

Ugh!! don't mention MAC codes...took me weeks to get mine from wanadoo recently :o/