Monday, August 14, 2006

Down in the Dumps

Boy, Im so down in the drumps its untrue - if I could wave magic wand and be wisked off to a deserted island, I would go like a shot!!

We are doing some much work to the house and yet it still seems like a bloody nightmare, a neighbour invited me to see her garden and pond today, it was lovely and then took me on a tour of her nice lovely home, not a thing out of place - it could have been labelled a SHOW HOUSE!!

I get home to ours and its still got everything everywhere and no sign of being moved, like Paulie has just dumped all his tripods in one corner with all his work stuff that he does not need for the next two weeks! and then still lying in the dinning room are his workbence and assortment of tools for doing the stairs, which are now finished, I just dont get it, we have an outhouse that is home for the tumble dryer and as today was raining again and of course clothes need to dry it was a mamoth task to get into the bloody place, everything that Paulie has been using is dumped in there and I would not mind but at the top of the garden we have two brand new sheds with nowt in them.........

We are on holiday for the next two weeks and of course various appointments have been made as we dont normally get time off work to sort them out, but all he is bothered about is going to a bloody bird fair and going to the coast and other places, plus his new obsession is a new camera, he is walking round clutching the bloody magazine like someone is going to steel it, would not mind but it cost a fortune and my husband thinks money grows on trees or something like that, Im trying really hard not to lose it completly at the moment.....

Not to mention my bloody job and all the hours and stress I get there, I could jump through hoops of fire and it still would not be good enough!!

Plus why is it, when ever there is something wrong in the family, every body walks round with their head in the sand, esp when you are married to a Yorkshire man, where I come from and esp with my family, you say it as it is and its out in the air and over and done with, over here it festers and festers till bloody war breaks out and then you end up going round and round in circles and its still aint resolved.

Anyways enough of me moaning, will wake up tomorrow and hopefully it will be a nicer day.



JustSue said...

Oh Debbie, I totally can empathize with your post. There are times that I clean through this place and 10 minutes later the cats have torn through like tornadoes, the boy has arrived home, shoes kicked off in the hallway, lunch bag left on the dining room table...and I look around and wonder why I even bothered!! LOL

Jennyta said...

That's men for you, Debbie! Sounds a bit like my day. :(