Thursday, December 29, 2005


It was freezing cold, when Lollypop woke us up at the crack of dawn it was -6.0c thats minus, that is

Paulie is waiting for the next lot of snow to head our way, all that fell has now disapeared apart from a few bits in the garden and some on the road, it does look mighty slippy outside, as I was looking out of the window of our nice overheated house, I watched a man struggle to keep upright on the pavement know I should not but it was very funny.......

Yesterday, we did our usual trick of finding snow, we went everywhere and none was as good as where we had set off from, hence our home.....still we got some good piccies, which Paulie will put on after for me, cause now he has change from the programme we use to use "hello" to flick art, and I have not got a clue.....

Lucy and Lollypop have had an hair cut today, a much needed one and our Lucy looks soooooo cute its untrue, we have been busy at the bird feeding station in our garden to, filled up all the nuts and seed and also gave them half a loaf of bread, which Lollypop decided he liked too and did not want to

Paulie has just rushed to the window to get a shot of a Robin having a munchy on some of the food there, lets hope he got a good shot.

Till later Aligators,


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