Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day and we’re having a fabulous time here listening to Debbie’s new CD’s while taking in the aroma of the beef and pork roasting in the oven!

Santa called in overnight, bringing loads of goodies, I think he might have been a little bit peeved dragging that lot down the chimney only to find the fireplace closed off lmao!

We’ve got loads of fabulous presents, Debbie’s got a new coffee maker along with some extra strong coffee, we’ve had two mugs already, we’ll be bouncing off the walls soon lol! Debbie’s got me a Game Boy Micro which I knew nothing about, it’s already on charge ready for some action this afternoon.

I think it’s time for some Christmas spirit, where’s that bottle of champagne gone!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Paul & Debbie


Freddy said...

Merry Christmas you nutty pair.

All the best for 2006.

dreaming-neko said...

many wishes for a loving white christmas! :)