Friday, December 23, 2005

Asda Wins Muppet Of The Year Award

Plans for Christmas were going awfully well until this morning when we decided to get the shopping done at Asda before work, given that they are open 24 hours a day. It's not very often we take advantage of this but at Christmas last year it was a blessing, although it was still mental in there at 5 in the morning lol.

However, for reasons only known by the Manager of Asda Barnsley, they decided that this week, the busiest week of the year, they would stop opening 24 hours. So this morning we arrived to be greeted by a crowd of seasonal shoppers standing outside in disbelief. The big white cricle in the photo is actually a big red "24 hours" sign but didn't come out, which is a shame lol.


The moment the doors opened at 6am, there was a stampede towards the fruit and veg isles with people pushing and shoving to get to the goodies and someone ended up in tears. To make matters worse, instead of re-stocking the shelves overnight, they had only just started so much of the stuff everyone was looking for was missing!


The place looked a disgrace, with rubbish all over the place from the chaos the day before, cleaners had only just started work, trying to sweep up without being bowled over by herds of disgruntled shoppers.

So, Manager of Asda Barnsley, you win Muppet Of The Year 2005 hands down, just what were you thinking off!



gemmak said...

eeekkk...I hope you don't venture into my shop on a busy day! hehe.

Happy Christmas to all of you :O) xx

Sarah said...

hehe, our asda (where i work) has also adopted the closing at midnight rather than being 24 hours to restock. However ours has gone very smoothly compared to this. At 6am this morning all the shelves were stocked to bursting (they were demolished by the time i came home at midnight - no i wasn't working all day) but that is to be expected at the end of the day before the day before. As we drove home 4 huge ASDA lorries were pulling up to unload a worlds supply of food which will probably be gone by midday tomorrow.

So yes, Barnsley Manager obviously needs some retraining on how to cope with busy periods!

Sarah said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very merry christmas x x x

joss said...

Doncaster 24 Asda was closing at midnight too. Purly so the poor loves could stock up the selfs ready for the next day, Glad we did our food shopping on Tuesday to avoid the annual crush and rush.

merry Christmas Debbie and Paul.

Anonymous said...

Tesco wasn't much different. And you get stupid 17 year old check out girls IDing you because you got a bottle of wine among tampax and Pringles when you clearly look 21 and ARE 21 and have NEVER been IDed in your LIFE.

Bloody people...

- Astrantia

Chameleon said...

I can understand your frustration about Asda not opening for 24 hours. Recently, I have been reading about the company that took over Asda, Wal-Mart and its absolutely revolting exploitative employment practices. Sadly, despite its denials, Asda is attempting to introduce similar practices into the UK (squeezing out trade unions, abolishing Xmas bonuses and the like), incrementally, so that the actual customers do not notice. If you are interested, I recommend Liza Featherstone's excellent Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Workers' Rights at Wal-Mart. It is perhaps easy for me to say that I never intend to spend a penny (!) of my hard-earned cash in Asda again as my boycott would have such as infinitesemal impact - as an ex-pat who only visits the UK twice or three times a year max. We really shouldn't let them get away with ruining the conditions of our store workers, as the other supermarkets would soon follow suit. Anyway, from the political to the personal: Happy New Year (I am posting this on January 1st) and Happy Blogging in 2006! :)