Saturday, February 04, 2006

We're Back!

To be fair to BT, we did get the correct disk through the post but it turned out that our modem was faulty so we had to order a new one. As if that wasn’t enough, the computer ceased working altogether, it had been switching itself off all week and finally gave up the ghost on Tuesday.

So with 45 minutes to spare before closing, we raced off to PC World and bought a new one, which turned out to be cheaper that the last one we bought 3 years ago, even with the extra 512 meg memory we added on top of the 256 meg onboard.

We picked up the new modem from the post office yesterday morning and installed it last night. The BT installation disk was great, completely idiot proof, guiding us through the connection through Ethernet instead of USB which I wouldn’t have known we could do. Our connection was quickly restored and we’ve loaded everything we need to, Firefox, Google Talk and the printer.

One last thing we need to do is get all the disks together and put them in a very safe place!


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