Monday, February 06, 2006

We Can See Our Garden!

First thing on Sunday we got the required chainsaw oil and raced back home to get stuck in. First we used the strimmer on the few bushes that were staying, getting them all nice and tidy. Then out came the chainsaw, first we practised on a couple of pieces of the trunk we felled last summer, it was a doddle and we wasted no time in making a move on that giant half way up our garden.


I got one piece off with no trouble at all, then Dad arrived to give us a hand. After twenty minutes discussing where to cut the thing, I cut the wedge as requested and then we got stuck because it didn't want to fall where we wanted it to. We got the top bit off in the end and wasted no time in taking out the rest of the tree.


We're not sure what to do with what's left yet, we think we'll drill some holes in it and use some root killer to finish the job off. With the big tree out of the way, we then took down the tree that's doing battle with our Christmas tree, this took all of 3 seconds! The final job of the afternoon was to dig out some of the smaller trees from the flower bed, one of which took the best part of an hour with the roots being so deep.


Looking up the garden as we were packing up, we were amazed at just how much everything has opened up and how much we've achieved this weekend. All we've got to do now is remove all the pebbles, reposition all the roses so we can make the flower beds narrower, dig everything over, lay a patio, sew a new lawn and sew a load of flower and vegetable seeds. We're just hoping the weather is kind to us next weekend so we can get stuck in once again.



Jennifer said...

My you've been busy!

Nancy said...

Wow! Looks like you're going to have an exciting garden year! Change can be good.

Enjoy the coming spring.