Friday, February 10, 2006

Snowbabies On Ice

The days are getting longer now, it's light when we leave for working the morning and it's only just gone dark when we get home, although, today, Crunchie Day, finishing early means we'll be leaving the grindstone behind before it gets dark. As we move into mid February, there's still no sign of any snow but at least we've had a little bit of sunshine over the last few days.

Earlier in the week we got a flyer through from the Sheffield sports summat or other, with vouchers for venues around and about. One in particular took our eye, for the new ice rink, Ice Sheffield. I used to go ice skating years ago every Saturday night and hugely enjoyed it. We tried it a while ago at the ice rink in Doncaster but the skates were unbelievably painful and the split level ice rink wasn't really suitable for learning on although it might be quite interesting when we can skate properly and in relative comfort.

When we've got the garden licked into shape, we'll pop down to the shop down at the rink, Ice N Easy, and see if we can't find a comfy pair of skates that don't cripple you as soon as you try to stand up. That's if we aren't already crippled by digging over the garden this weekend!


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