Monday, September 05, 2005

Underwater Hockey

I've been for a walk today to get yet more plants for the aquarium, I think it's about the sixth time I've been in three weeks and next time I'm going to ask about share options in the place!

The reason for the extra plants is that it looks like we'll be hearing the splash of tiny fins any day now and the little tykes will need somewhere to hide out.


We got a sunken ship last weekend, together with an albino pleco and since putting them in the aquarium the pleco has gone inside the ship and hasn't been seen since. The upside down catfish we also got, who resides in the top left window of the ship, did pop out yesterday but was swimming upside down, or is that the right way up mmmmm.

Anyway, our existing pleco and the catfish got stuck into pleco veggie tablets as did every other fish apart from the neons and it was quite funny watching these two green tablets being chased about in the sand.


So tonight I've got some aquatic planting to do followed by a partial water change then we can sit down and watch a game of twenty-five aside veggie tablet hockey.



Anonymous said...

Great pics! You guys have done a great job setting up that aquarium! Don't you find it incredibly relaxing just watching it?

JustSue said...

Oops sorry about that...that was me...ahem *blush*

Toni said...

What a lovely aquarium! Mine's a small one with just 5 fishes, some plants and a floating mermaid. Cute and quaint. Yours is gorgeous!

dreaming-neko said...

that looks like a great aquarium!

i love fish. but plants, driftwood, pebbles, and rocks really do steal the show. i like community tanks with a natural environment. have fun!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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