Thursday, September 01, 2005


Debbie has gone back to work today, we think it might have been flu but we're not sure, whatever it was, it knocked her for six over the last week or so and she's still far from one hundred percent.

Lolly's doing well since being neutered and has for the most part left the stitches alone so hopefully they'll be able to come out this weekend. Also this weekend, I've got to get those pesky wardrobes built because our new pine bed is coming the week after, thankfully that will be built for us!

We had someone round last night to give us quote for new central heating, the current system is a very old back boiler system and is about as controllable as Lollypop! We've gone ahead and ordered a new system which should be fitted in October. We'll have a new open gas fire, some lovely new radiators, a smart little combi and best of all, a thermostat that looks more like a hand held computer, works from anywhere in the house and in the future we'll be able to call it on the mobile to get the house toasty warm before we arrive back home on cold winters day!

While the chap was measuring up last night, the heavens opened and we had the brightest strike of lightning I've ever seen followed by an almighty clap of thunder which made us all jump out of our skins, especially Misty who shot upstairs faster than the speed of light!



dreaming-neko said...

take care and aloha! :)

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