Thursday, September 08, 2005

On The Move Again

We're barely settled into our new home and I'm in the midst of another move, this time at work. We're moving to a new site over the weekend, bigger, better and best of all, only a stones throw from our new home.

The big question is, will I be getting on my bike, it's certainly close enough to pedal into work and I've no doubt the exercise would do me good. However, I'm a long time sufferer of the condition 'cantbearsed' and I'll probably put this off until next summer.

For now, we might as well take advantage of the fact that Debbie drives past the new place on her way to work and I'll be able to jump out when we get to the roundabout. This might be a problem if there's not much traffic and we don't have to stop, it will still be busy and it's one of those roundabouts where you just shut your eyes and go! I'll just have to make sure I wear extra thick trousers so I don't suffer friction burns as I'm ejected from the car half way round.

We've been issued with new toys to play with at work, IBM Think Centre, I've had mine up and running for a few days for setting up purposes (firefox, google talk etc) and it's proved to be pretty darn quick despite being ultra compact. The screens are great too, I've got the size set to 1280 x 1024 and it's still easily readable. We've had to hand them back today though for transportation to the new site and it doesn't half make these old Pentium 3 machines seem very slooooooow.



Shannon said...

long time sufferer of the condition 'cantbearsed'

lol I suffer from that, too. Such a tragic condition, it is. ha!

Good luck with the work move!

Jennyta said...

Ha! I too have seriously considered cycling to work but have put it off, probably until next summer. Doesn't do to rush these things. ;)

Mandy said...

Ooh you should start cycling to work, just think how fit you'll be this time next year. If you start now, next year you'll be glad you did..

Hmmm do I sound like your mother? lol