Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Well its that time of year again, another year nearly over and a new year yet to begin :o) lots and lots happened in 2010, too many to mention but here's a few:

January 2010

We went to Yorkshire Wildlife park and the heavens opened with snow, the conditions on the roads were terrible.

February 2010

For some reason we did not do one blog post at all!!

March 2010

We went to Harewood House and saw the Red Kites and had some amazing sunsets.

April 2010

Lucy was besotted with our resident garden mouse and staged a "No Move" policy for what seemed hours, we had a ride to Rodley Marsh, took lots of piccies in the garden and made ourselves members at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

May 2010

We had robins nesting in our garden, what an honour :o) and did lots n lots of walking :o)

June 2010

We did lots of visiting to various places, North Cave Wetlands, Sprotborough Flash, our local meadow, Yorkshire Wildlife Park and our Robin chicks hatched :o)

July 2010

We did lots of walking again, mainly the local meadow and had some fantastic colours in the garden.

August 2010

More walking around Worborough Country Park, local meadow and RSBP Old Moor. Then the big bombshell of being made REDUNDANT for the 3rd year in a row, bobbins!!

September 2010

Start me new job, yippee, the skys were fantastic with lovely sunsets, had to have me Gall Bladder removed, very poorly, recovered and went back to work.

October 2010

After being in work for a mere week, I got rushed back into hospital due to a blood clot!! They were really good and got me sorted, yet another week off from me new job, worried YES!! After weeks of going nowhere we finally managed to get out with the camera's again :o) Rivelin Valley, Worsborough Dale, RSPB Old Moor.

November 2010

Out with the cameras again, Rivelin Valley, got lost for hours in Wharncliffe Woods, had more lovely sunsets, had a sprinkle of snow and lots of ice, then on the 30th the heavens opened with SNOW it started at 6pm and snowed all night!!

December 2010

We had lying snow for weeks, ended up at home for one day as the roads were terrible, even though I got me ickle car out, the nutters on the road were too scary to drive with!! Had we 3 months review at work and they are over the moon with me :o) Next came the big freeze. On the 18th December we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary :o) then the heating packed up cause of the condense pipe, heating sorted.

Now its New Years Eve and we shall be bringing in 2011 with Jules Holland and his Hootenanny and a wee dram or three lol all there is left to say is Happy New Year and I hope it brings everyone health, wealth and lots of happiness :o)

Debbie, Paul and Lucy xxx


Jennyta said...

Happy and healthy new year to you both. :)(and Lucy too, of course!)

Snowbabies said...

Thanks Jenny to you too, hope u have a fab time and send Paddy some love from Lucy xx