Wednesday, December 01, 2010


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Got half way to work, rang me boss n got sent back home, (had a cry, cause its bloody scary on the roads) one car tried squeezing pass me on the wrong side of the road, another big thing overtook me, then a stupid man had his dog off the lead n it run infront of me car!! Thats my three for today, thank u.

My knight in shining armour saved the day, came all way home with me then had to set back off to work on foot



Little Brown Job said...

I must say Mrs C, you drove that little car like a pro in the snow! It's the other idiots that make winter roads scary.

Jennyta said...

I'm with Paul there. It's incredible how idiotic and dangerous some people can be in snowy conditions. They seem to go all out to prove that everything is normal and you're the idiot for going carefully!