Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mobile Internet Junkie

I must be out of my tree trying to use the internet through a mobile all the time. The only time the PC goes on is to load pictures from the cameras.

It's getting better every day and by using certain things for certain jobs, I get by. Reading blogs is best done through Google Reader, Flickr pictures are best viewed via Opera Mini feeds, Mippin is the fastest way to view a non mobile site and Shozu gets my mobile pictures to just about anywhere.

It takes time and a whole lot of patience to stick with it but I just love being able to hop online from anywhere.

My only issue at the moment is with Flickr because opening a picture always goes to the mobile version which doesn't let you add favourites.

*Update* It can be done, just go to your own page and click the view full version link and change the bookmark so you don't keep setting it back to the mobile version - doh!

I think Debbie is resigned to the fact that I've turned into a mobile internet junkie, I've not been told to "put that bloody phone down!" for ages.


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