Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3

What's it like? I'd let you know if I could download the darn thing. I don't know about breaking the world download record, I think it's just plain broken. They must be falling off their chairs laughing over at Microsoft lol.


Got it now and it's up and running :-)



gemmak said...

Hey...Bill wouldn't have got it fixed in a half hour! ;o)

Tony said...

got my version about 21:30 after the serves came back to life...

just reading reports and first guess is about 8.3 million downloads...


Silverback said...

I got an automatic update alert a couple of days ago and installed it but it just took me to a higher level of version 2.

So I went to their site and manually downloaded and installed 3.0 and it all went smoothly.

Sadly it's plonked my Google toolbar at the top of the others and I want it at the bottom. Any ideas ?

Like what you've done to the site.

Snowbabies said...

If you right click on any of the toolbars, you can select customize toolbars. I don't show the google toolbar at all, I just drag the bits I use onto the main toolbar and hide the google one. This way you have the google spell check etc without having to have a load of toolbars floating about the place.