Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lucy Goes For A Dip

Following a great night out on Saturday we headed off to Pugneys Country Park on Sunday, we've never been before but spotted the lake when passing by last weekend. The lake is huge with a 1.5 mile track all the way round and it didn't take us that long to do a lap. It was quite busy with warm sunshine coming through, there were plenty of dingys sailing about and the wanna be windsurfers were hilarious. We'll definitely go back there, perhaps in winter when there's snow or frost on the ground.

Boats moored at Pugneys (Click here for more pictures)

Having had such a good morning, we decided to call at Worsborough Mill Country Park for a stroll around the reservoir. We made it all the way round the park, back to where we started, at the mill pond and were both busy snapping pictures of the ducks. We heard something plop into the water, both Debbie and I spun round and Lucy was nowhere to be seen. Seconds later, what looked like a huge white and green drowned rat surfaced and started paddling like crazy. Debbie flew over and had to lay flat at the side of the pond to reach her as there a 3 foot drop to the water. When Lucy paddled over to where Debbie was reaching, she promptly stopped swimming and stood up in about 8 inches of water!

Back on dry land, Lucy stood there looking bewildered, soaking wet, covered in green stuff and what a stench!. It's hilarious looking back but at the time, it was a heart stopping moment and she's so lucky she got off so lightly!



vickie said...

What adventures you have. I love to read about it. You guys have done so much! (vickie in Kansas City)

JustSue said...

mmmm "eau de wet dog and pond scum". Estee Lauder will be calling to bottle it! lol

Mandy said...

Poor Lucy! I doubt she'll be doing that again lol. Well, glad she's safe and sound and made it back to dry land :-)