Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just Being Frank

It's back to being dog tired again in the evenings now we're back at work, Friday couldn't come fast enough last week, even with a bank holiday and my extra day off on Tuesday. We spent most of Saturday out shopping and on Sunday I made the fatal mistake of setting off out for the afternoon, not knowing exactly where we were going. This never works out, especially if we've got Lucy with us as it's best if we know where we're going so she can have a good run. It also helps if you've remembered to fill up with fuel before you've set off and you're not driving in the middle of nowhere with just 1 bar showing on the dashboard.The beautiful scenery we past through at 10 miles per hour was dulled by the sound of Lucy throwing up in the car and Debbie's frustration at another one of my spectacular cock-ups.

We did eventually make it to Newmillerdam near Wakefield, Lucy got her promised walk, Debbie got a much needed brew and I just tried to keep quiet! It wasn't a total disaster, well it was, but we did see somewhere nice to go one day on the way back home, only we'll make proper plans for that trip and Lucy will be in her carry cage.

This modern day Frank Spencer did it again last night though, after yet more visits to Meadowhell (Meadowhall Shopping Centre) on Tuesday, I finally managed to exchange Debbie's camera for a Panasonic Lumix FZ7 and then got home to find out the paper work was wrong. We had to go back last night to sort it all out, going through the process for a third time, it became apparent that I'd forgotten the cheque book for the account number and we could proceed no further. Debbie ended up calling directory enquires, got the number for the bank and then got the account number from them. Thankfully, after over two weeks of mucking about, I've got my Nikon D50, Debbie's got her Panasonic FZ7 and we're all sorted.

A therapeutic 'nice top' shopping session ensued and bubbly Debbie returned as we made our way home with a nice selection of new clothes and some posh salad from M&S.



vickie said...

Sounds like some expedition! Hope your dog is feeling better.

JustSue said...

The Frank Spencer reference made me smile, but I am sure your occasional muck ups are nothing in comparison!