Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Debbie Update

After all the excitement of the holiday, it was back to work as usual, did not really do much all week, just the usual work, home, twitter n sleep.

On Friday evening, 5pm time to set off home and pick Paul up for the weekly shop, when the heavens open, we had solid rain for 24 hours!!

On Saturday it was the hairdressers, followed by a nip into town for a few bits we needed, we ended up at the retail park for a summer coat as the rain was still coming down, would u believe it, not one shop had any summer coats! not impressed...lol...while we were there we had to nip into BnQ for some seedling trays and hey ho Paul just happened to get some wood and treatment for the sheds.

Now this ain't the norm! Paul doing DIY, but there is a good reason, when we moved the bird feeders he happened to mention he would love a bird hide, hence one of the sheds has now got a cut out window and soon will be nice and painted, that's if he can stay out of the hide long enough to do the job...lol....

On Sunday we had invited Dad for dinner, after getting up I felt a bit sick but pushed it to one side and got on with some jobs, after brekkie, the sickness returned and I went blurred in my right eye, yikes, migraine alert, I got layed down on the sofa, took one of me pain killers, while Paul went to check out his new plot.

I finally woke up at 5pm realising Dad was not there, Paul had rang him and explained I was not feeling very well and could we make it another day, he was fine about it, mind you he did miss out on one of my lovely Sunday dinners.

Can't wait for the weekend, me car is going to the doctors for a check up and then I will be out with Paul, Lucy and me camera ready to take some lovely shots if I can find them :o)



Jennyta said...

Sorry to hear you suffer from migraines, Debbie. They are horrible but it is said that only the more intelligent among us are sufferers! Does that cheer you up? ;)

Snowbabies said...

lol yep it does, use to suffer as a teenager really bad, now just get the ones that knock u for six :o)