Friday, January 25, 2008

Swimming Back On Track

We still can't get shut of this cold, we've had it on and off now for months.

We've got a message for Mr Cold & Flu - bugger off!

It's affected our swimming schedule over the last few weeks but we've had enough now and we're just getting stuck in regardless. Once we get in the pool, the aches and pains seem to fade away, that is until it's time to hobble back home.

I've been having swimming lessons over the last few weeks and last night I finally discovered the art of not drowning. When we next go I'm going to brave the deep end try a full length of the pool.



Jennyta said...

Well done, Paul. I have promised myself I am going to start going to the baths too.
These bugs that are doing the rounds seem to hang on forever. I know several people who have been suffering, including Keith, who is now on second lot of anti-biotics and still not right. Get well soon.

Cheryl said...

I just LOVE swimming. It's my moment of zen. I belong to a special program that logs your meter/yd/miles. In the past 2 years, I've logged nearly 300 miles!! Hang in there. The laps WILL get easier.