Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy Bees

What with being on a course, then on holiday, getting Sky+, Big Brother starting, Dad getting a puppy, shopping for laminate flooring, working on our garden and doing a spot of tree felling for friends, we just haven't had a minute to post anything.

While we try to get our breath back, here's a picture of Lucy enjoying the garden last week as the sun finally came out to play.




Jennifer said...

Okay... I saw this Canada Green grass at the store, and I had it in my hand to buy it. I called my grandmother and told her and even showed her the picture of your garden... and she said well I used this CIL grass seed, so I put the Canada green back, and bought the CIL and we still don't have a lush green lawn like you do!


Your yard looks amazing!

Toni said...

You have a lovely garden!

Merlin2 said...

lush lushness! Hi guys! by the way my blog's now at - just to keep you both updated , Merly ;)